Thursday, September 1, 2011

Note to Self

I have to warn you. This will be one of those blogs where I don't have any idea what I'm going to say until it is typed. I'm interested to see what will come out.

Each day is a season in itself over here. The past day alone has been so memorable. Leper colonies. Old friends. Death. Life. Tears of sorrow and joy. Power outages that bring us closer together. Watching Him teach children how to add and read. Dancing. Sweating. Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. Washing dishes with all my heart. Doing laundry outside around chickens. Marveling at the blue sky over this city when I thought there was a permanent haze of pollution. Carrying a full heart within my chest. Full beyond my capacity. Surely I have a delightful inheritance. Surely it is Christ ALONE.

2:50 AM. I got sidetracked. But it was a glorious sidetracking. I'll leave you with this note to self that I quickly wrote earlier today in the taxi to Asha:

"Note to self:

Don't use that which God intended for your increased worship of Him as an object of worship or hoarding or an excuse to not follow Him in a direction that seems AWAY from that which He so clearly caused you to desire. It's all an important part of the same journey. Hold desire with an open hand and entrust it to the One who so graciously gave it to you, that He might show you and the world around you more of His incredible heart.

A place of surrender...

Do not be afraid to follow Him North when what you desire is South. Because if you go far enough North, it will eventually take you South. But even if it doesn't...

He's STILL going to give you the desires of your heart. He promised! He made you a promise and He doesn't go back on those.

See the mystery revealed: Delighting in Him IS the desire of your heart. He is mighty, jealous and gracious about this. He pursues like a lion and embraces like a lamb.

You just can't lose. His victory is that you can't lose. You're going to love what happens no matter what. I am sure of it. Your joy will overflow NOW if you rest in this certainty before these glories can be seen. Luke 1:45!

Be loved. Love. Be. Jesus is all around and richly within you. Is there really any difference between loving Him and loving those around you? I think not. Selah."


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