Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two Masters

They wander around looking for someone to beg. They've studied people; they easily judge who has the most wealth and they make a beeline for those with light skin. Persistence. Their entire life involves looking as pitiful as possible -- whether by their choice or someone else's. Sometimes their fingers, arms or legs are cut off to provoke more pity, and hopefully money, from people.

When I see them I am filled with rage. Holy rage. Not at them, but at their master. Not a human, but a spirit of poverty. Slavery. I rage against the thing that has so many convinced that they have to beg just right or look desperate enough to get attention from people.

But sometimes, I think just like them.

And that thing, that dark master is found all over the world. I have seen it in India. I have seen it in the States -- in churches. I have seen it in the Middle East, in Africa, in Europe, and in Mexico. And though it is very visible here, it is much deeper than that and goes far beyond a haggard and beautiful hand reaching out for a coin. But they need something they didn't know they could ask for. And did I mention that some people don't even have hands to beg with?

What master is this? It is the master that says, "You're unwanted. Get out of here. You're a burden. No one really loves you. There's not enough room for you. Don't even bother speaking, because no one will want to listen. You're hideous. You're not worth showing yourself to anyone. No one would even enjoy the real you. Stop dreaming and stop your hoping for love. It's preposterous."

I am appalled by how common it is for people to form their lives and beliefs around these things.

But grace is in the business of consider me undone. And there is more.

The master of grace, who is full of truth, says this, "You are always welcome and always wanted. Be at home. You don't have to beg; just receive. You are worth enough to be seen and being seen does not deter love from you. Rest. You don't have to work for what can't be earned. Everything is paid for; just enjoy."

I have never been more aware of His grace than I have been the past few months. It's not because it wasn't there before, but because He made me aware of it...and it's honestly changed everything. It's not rarely given; only rarely received. And even being able to receive it is a gift. So it's all-around marvelous and baffling because Jesus chose to bring Himself glory by bringing us joy at a greusome cost that He absolutely did not have to go through...and now we desire what He desires because He changed us so that He could share His joy with us even though we all might as well have been the ones who drove the nails into his hands.

It's just good news, people.

It's the thing that changed everything for me.

In the words of a friend of mine, "Let us trust in Him, because when we trust Him we receive His love and when we receive His love then we can rest. Know that He wants us to rest in Him."

I hesitate to post this as-is because there is so much more.

To be continued,
A heart captured by grace

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  1. ohhh sister! :) my heart, echoes and rejoices with the joy that's been given to us.

    I'm so glad you didn't not post it... it's beautiful as is, because though there is much more to say, "it's just good news, people!" yes. yes yes.
    So yay if there's more to add but thank you for posting these words that He gave you!

    the business of undoing, consider me undone! ahhhh. yes!

    oh my heart. I love how you weave the stories together... the stories of what has been seen, the grace story and love story that He is writing, with your life and the Great Story of the world-redeeming creed of Christ!

    "and when I have nothing left to sing, I sing, 'Gloria!' "
    Gloria, Gloria, Gloria!!!

    that voice, you describe- the master of slavery and chains... I cried reading that... because that voice has informed so much of my life for so long. SO grateful for this grace that washes over me and it's just GONE. fear is gone. shame is GONE. He demolished the strongholds of darkness. that's it.
    and there is no going back. I feel it, and I don't get it, and I love Him for it and I just know there's so "much more!"

    how can it be?!

    We were made for love!

    loving you chorta auntie, sooooo much!